July 7, 2014

Ganga, the name immediately strikes a chord in the heart of every Indian evoking feelings of devotion, plentiful resources and an everlasting link to the foundations of our civilisation. It is not possible to envision our country without Ganga. At the same time, those who witness the course of the river as it traverses the country, cannot remain ignore the facts that flies in our faces, especially the water quality, lack of integrated development strategies and a huge burden of responsibilities that the river carries to nurture the millions dependent upon those seemingly unending water resources that the river embodies. continue reading


The stalemate over the Mullaperiyar dam is due to a lack of trust — Kerala in unsure of its neighbour’s assurances on dam safety while Tamil Nadu worries that Kerala may renege on promises made in 1886

The Mullaperiyar dam dispute between Tamil Nadu and Kerala is back in the news with the Supreme court’s recent verdict on reservoir levels and safety of the structure. continue reading

Striping canal lining to increase percolation to recharge ground water!! Surprising recommendation.

March 15, 2014

Can we engineer our way out of flooding? – Agriculture and Ecosystems Blog

How to kill a nation’s rivers. I visited Poland, where they are doing just that. It is a terrifying lesson for the many other nations worried about floods and determined to engineer their way to a solution. Thailand, among others, please listen. There is a better way. continue reading

Notice inviting applications for Student’s

February 20, 2014

National Water Mission, Ministry of Water Resources invites applications for Internships to familiarize the interested and motivated Graduate Students from diverse academic backgrounds in the domain of Water Resources i.e., Hydrology, Civil Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Environmental Science, Geology, Hydrogeology, Earth Sciences, Meteorology, Remote Sensing, GIS, etc. continue reading